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Misterton Primary and Nursery School

“Learning together, Achieving together”

Year 1

We had special visitors come into school from the Notts Road Safety Partnership. They gave us lots of tips on keeping safe and crossing the road safely.

Here are some of Y1's Book Nooks. If you look closely you will see the wonderful scenes we have created which link to our favourite books.

Year 1 loved World Book Day, where we came to school dressed up and read lots of wonderful books.

As part of our PSHCE learning, a volunteer from the River and Canal Trust came to talk to us about keeping safe near the water. We all learned so much about water safety.

As part of our work on seasons we had a lovely wintry walk around our school grounds. This helped us write some fantastic descriptions about winter. We made tracks in the frost like the animals, picked up crunchy leaves, found lots of ice in the sensory garden and even spotted a pheasant.

In PE we use lots of equipment to make assault courses as part of our 'Commando Joe's' learning.

We enjoy hands on learning and love making 2D shapes with different objects from inside and outside the classroom.

We collected sticks from the Sensory Garden and used them in Maths to help us learn about length.

We know that this shape is 3D and is called a sphere. It is outside our classroom in our beautiful Sensory Garden. We love to learn outside and enjoy spotting 2D and 3D shapes.

Harry's mum (Rachael) works for the NHS as a physiotherapist. She came into school and taught us all about hospitals today. We compared them to how hospitals were in the past when Florence Nightingale was a nurse. We loved roleplaying and dressing up as doctors, nurses and patients.