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Misterton Primary and Nursery School

“Learning together, Achieving together”

Year 2

What great fun we had learning how to build snowmen in the snow in March!

Class 2 visited Retford Gymnastics Club for the last 4 weeks as part of their PE curriculum. They learnt how to master basic movements including running and jumping, as well as developing balance, agility and co-ordination.

Class 2 have been learning about the Danish Scientist Ole Kirk Christiansen. He invented Lego. Lego is the shortened form of the Danish word Leg godt, which means play well. Class 2 investigated the properties of Lego and spent time discussing why they love Lego so much! Then they asked the question- can we make a Lego car to safely hold an egg down a ramp? They tested out their Lego cars and recorded their results in a table.

Class 2 have been learning about Shrove Tuesday in RE. Then they helped measure the ingredients to make pancakes. After that they enjoyed eating them!

Year 2 worked with Year 1 this week for Children’s Mental Health Week. The theme for the week was ‘Let’s Connect.’ The two classes worked together to play ‘Getting To Know You Bingo,’ decorated jigsaw pieces about themselves and connected together to make patterns.

Class 2 have been Historians this week by asking and answering questions about Mary Anning by using a picture source.

Class 2 have been working on how to make equal groups by sharing in maths this week.

Toby the tortoise came to visit us before he hibernates for the winter months. We found out lots of interesting facts about Toby and loved feeling how cold his shell was!

Year 2 really enjoyed their visit to the Fire Station. First they learnt about the Great Fire of London and firefighting in 1666. They then learnt about firefighting in 2022 and compared it to the past. They even got to look inside the Fire Engine and spray a water hose!